If you don’t have a plan for your money during your life and after, rest assured. The IRS and the State of California do. And the Evil One has a plan too. We encourage you to get Christian advice to help you manage God’s gifts in a way that glorifies God and matches your heart’s desires.



Whether you are seeking to get out of debt, seeking to maximize returns, or are considering a gift to the Endowment Fund, you are encouraged to seek professional advice in putting together a plan that is best suited to your personal situation.



Financial Representatives

Ken McCall, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


We highly recommend people get the help they need.

Ken will

… look out for your interests, not their own

… meet with anyone, whether rich or poor

… give back from their paycheck to God’s Kingdom

… give solid, Christian advice and counsel



Please contact the church office for some recommendations of local attorneys, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gary Foltz specializes in estate planning, 951-784-0244



Gift Planning Gems:  We are Heirs of the Kingdom with Christ

Do you have a current will?  Have you thought about setting up a trust?  Are you aware of the burden that your children will bare as trustees/executors of your estate?  Many people think about these questions yet put them off for various reasons.  I will help you organize your estate and maximize the amount that goes to your family, heirs and to God.  As heirs with Christ of God's blessings, it is our responsibility to do the proper planning so that when God calls us home, we have our affairs in order.  Does your current plan disinherit God from the gifts He has blessed you with?  Does your estate plan reflect and extend your Christian views as a good steward?

God has a plan for all of us and this creates a powerful responsibility for us.  Managing, planning and praying are the cornerstones of a good estate plan that can be pleasing to God. Let's sit down and start on those plans that will benefit all those people and organizations that are close to you.





This is a 30 hour course which will provide the student with a Biblical overview of teachings about money as it relates to the many walks of life. The purpose for the course is to enable the student to develop and practice financial management at home, in business, in the church, and in society from a Christian perspective. Copyright 2008 by Don Wilkin


http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=431388&t=9047 Videos: Brian Kluth, Maximum Generosity


http://www.daveramsey.com/ Life. Money. Hope.


http://www.crown.org/ Crown Financial Ministries, including tools and studies

http://www.crown.org/Library/ViewArticle.aspx?ArticleId=263 Crown's Free Publications Online

http://www.givewithjoy.org/radio_tv.htm True Stories

http://www.givewithjoy.org/ 40 Day "Journey to Generosity" Bible eDevotional

http://www.moneylife.org/site/AM/ContentManagerNet/Default.aspx?Section=Home&Template=/TaggedPage/TaggedPageDisplay.cfm&TPLID=2&ContentID=3249 MoneyLife Help, Hope, and Insight

http://www.crown.org/cartproducts/product.asp?sku=MF2033&aid= Managing Our Finances God's Way Study Guide/Workbook

http://www.crown.org/cartproducts/product.asp?sku=AW2023 The ABC's of Handling Money God's Way - Student Workbook

www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.org: On my website you will find helpful downloadable generosity resources.  Churches of all sizes across the country are beginning to use the Bible devotional booklet "A 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" (www.GenerousLife.info) for all-church and small group/classes generosity initiatives.  On this website you will also find pamphlets/flyers, helps for preaching on money/generosity, PowerPoint generosity slides, helpful articles, a free monthly generosity newsletter, and more in order to help you unleash greater giving in your church.

Click the following link for a free copy of the "NATIONAL REPORT: 45 Best Generosity Practices of Leading Churches"

www.generousgiving.org This website identifies a wide variety of generosity resources that can be reviewed by a church to help encourage generosity.  They offer their own materials and also direct you to other resources.

www.Crown.org  On Crown Financial Ministries website they have many helpful Bible studies, articles, and resources to help training people to manage their finances and giving according to sound Biblical principles.

www.visionresourcing.com  Dick Edic has put together a valuable resource manual and leadership training materials for a church to plan and implement a year-round multi-pronged approach to stewardship in the local church.

www.DynamicGiving.com Former pastor, Dr. Rod Rogers has written some excellent materials and provides training and consulting for churches increase their giving.

www.stewardshipresources.org This website is for the Ecumenical Center for Stewardship Studies in Indianapolis, IN.  A coalition of mainline denominations work together with this group to produce materials that can be used in annual stewardship drives in churches.

Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program by Abingdon Press.

Effective Stewardship by KLW Enterprises.   This is a multi-faceted stewardship program for use in churches.

Budget/Credit Counselors/Coaches  crown.org ; goodsenseministry.com ; DaveRamesy.com 

Benevolence Offering & Assistance  crown.org 

Career Guidance crossroadscareer.org  crown.org/Career Direct

Referral to a Christian Financial Professional  kingdomadvisors.org

Estate/Planned Giving Services  Denominations 

  aboutplannedgiving.com  nationalchristian.com  idonate.com

  kingdomadvisors.org barnabasfoundation.com visionresourcing.com

Target Group Ministries (single parents, women, business owners/professional, etc.)   crown.org  fcci.org  

Community/Denomination Foundation Referral


Financial & tax planning for church staff

   clergysupport.com  kingdomadvisors.org 

Ministering to people with the gift of giving

  generousgiving.org     crown.org  kingdomadvisors.org

   nationalchristian.com    thegathering.com   ministrywatch.com

   soundmindinvesting.com   thegoodsteward.com 

Collecting special offerings for the needy

Denomination resources  samaritanspurse.org  angeltree.org


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