Large Print books are produced on campus at Trinity Lutheran by many members of the congregation and volunteers from the community. We have a special Braille room that is equipped specifically for this purpose. These bible books are sent all over the world to bring God's word to the blind.

Each Large Print team consists of 6 people working in an assembly line fashion for approximately 1 hour. There is always a need for additional workers as members of a team or for fill in during vacations and absences of other regular team members. If you are interested in volunteering some time, please contact the church office.


Braille Team
Braille Team

Book Binder
Completed Books

Completed Braille Book

Marguerite with a completed book


†  A non-profit Christian organization (tax exempt no. 95-6048152)
†  Provides the Word of God to millions of blind and visually impaired people throughout the world.
†  Produces Christian braille in more than 40 languages including Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.
†  Produces Christian large print in 24 languages, including Spanish, Swahili, and Portuguese.
†  Work force is made up of thousands of volunteers in 204 work centers located in churches and homes in the USA and Canada.
†  Books cost 1/10th of commercial production due to our volunteer work force and low overhead.
†  Last year Lutheran Braille Workers produced 841,781 bibles, Christ centered books and pamphlets.
†  Provides all of this material FREE OF CHARGE.
†  All funding is by donation only.

For further information, materials, speakers, or a video to show please contact:
PO BOX 5000

Phone: 909.795.8977
Fax: 909.795.8970
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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