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What Are Trinity Partnerships?
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You are already partnering with others.


Does it have God’s purpose?


You are already serving people.


Is it in Jesus name?


You are already teaching and discipling people.


Are you drawing them closer to Jesus?


You are already leading people.


Are you leading them toward God’s purpose?


You are already investing your life in other people.


Toward what end?


God has placed people within your reach with similar interests and life situations.


Are you reaching out to them to bring them to Jesus?


Let Trinity help you give your partnerships God’s purpose. Let Trinity help you reach people in a way that is natural and according to your gifts. See how we can help you live out God’s purpose for your life. If you are interested in transforming your partnerships into a Trinity Partership Team or want to start a Team, contact Pastor Steve at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-238-3702.


  Partnering in Christ philosophy


            Trinity Partnerships come in many shapes and sizes, and people attend them for every reason under the sun. For some, Partnering means friendships--new and developing, or lifelong and reliable. For others, Partnering means education, whether in Bible stories or retirement planning. For yet others, Partnering means recreation--a chance to get on mountain trails or play pick-up basketball.
            Trinity people know that there is one rule to Partnering in Christ: if you don't see the Partnership for you, then start it! Getting going is simple and fun, just contact Pastor Steve.
            Best of all, our goal is to have many Partners meeting throughout the week, from early morning until late at night, at locations all over the city. We meet in homes, coffee shops, and office buildings.
            Remember that group of women you saw talking passionately over books at the coffee shop? Or those young people playing volleyball at the park? Or the folks serving in the local soup kitchen? Each one may have been Trinity Partners in Christ.
            Or did you see those three guys drinking coffee at Starbucks on Wednesday morning? They were a Life Transformation Team, focused on growing in Christ-like character, reading large amounts of God’s Word, and praying strategically for the pre-Christians God has placed in their lives.
            Trinity Partnerships have only one goal: To help people grow one step closer to the Lord Jesus. To do this, our Partnerships use the Bible, testimonies, worship, and prayer as part of their time.


  What are Trinity Partnerships?


Trinity Partnerships are weekly gatherings of Trinity people and their friends meeting on any topic imaginable. If you don’t find a team for you, start it! You want to work on your dog training skills? Your 10th grader needs help with his Algebra? You have a heart for prayer? You moved here from Hawaii and you miss worshiping the Lord with your hula abilities? Go ahead and let God use your passions and schedules to touch people’s lives with His love. Talk to Pastor Steve about starting or joining a Trinity Partnership today!


  What can I expect?


The great thing about Trinity Partnerships is that they are all different. The format and atmosphere for a mountain climbing group will be a little different than a team that meets to pray over Tibet.


  Who can join?


Most Trinity Partnerships are open to everyone. If they are "closed" it is because they are out of room for the semester. Keep looking, we're sure you'll find one that will fit you perfectly. 


  Trinity Staff


Daniel Rowe
Senior Pastor


Daniel Rowe has been the Senior Pastor at Trinity in Paso Robles since 1998. He has been married to Jean since 1988 and has four children.


Steve Willweber
Associate Pastor and Director of Ministry Teams


Steve Willweber has been the Associate Pastor at Trinity in Paso Robles since 2005. One of the major reasons he was brought on staff was to develop and expand Trinity’s partnering ministry. He has been married to Monica since 1993 and has one son.


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